CA Solar Expo 2017

Come visit us at Booth #47

May 1-2

San Diego Convention Center

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SolarRoofHook will also be presenting a NABCEP Certified course for 1 CE credit, details below:

Title: Making Solar More Affordable Through Innovation

Description: Join us as SolarRoofHook shares its insights into reducing costs of solar installation with the QuickBOLT and innovative Roof Hooks, derived from 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry. Attend this session to learn:

  • Why SolarRoofHook believes innovation is the key to making installation easier
  • How innovative screw designs make solar installation easier
  • What innovations have been made in order to make the 100% waterproof QuickBOLT, for installations on Asphalt Shingle

This training session will walk users through the many options customers can use to install solar on Residential roofs using the SolarRoofHook product line. The trainer will walk through how the parts are made and why certain features benefit the installer. Each mount reviewed will point out best practices on mounting to each specific roof type. By the end of the session the installers will have overall knowledge on what the most economical mounting choices are for the most common residential roof types. 

Bio: Russell Eisenman is in Outside Sales for SolarRoofHook. In less than 5 years, Russell has become one of the company’s top salespeople. Starting out in Marketing for Quickscrews, our parent company, Russell was able to take his knowledge of wood fasteners and apply it to our Solar Mounting technology. His drive to solve installers’ problems has been an important factor in SolarRoofHook’s ability to make solar more affordable. Good conversation starters with Russell are sports and traveling, he would love to converse with you about either of these topics.



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