Height Adjustable All Tile Roof Hook for Side Mount Rails
PN: 17700

Livermore, CA In Stock
Rock Hill, SC In Stock
90° All Tile Roof Hook with Slots & 5-3/4" Arm, 8mm Height Adjustment Range - for Curved Tile & Flat Tile Roofs - works with and without battens
Product Comments: 
90° All Tile Roof Hook For side mount rails Adjustable height range of 8mm Works on both Curved and Flat Tile roofs This hook has a longer arm to fit a wider variety of tile styles. The base has three leverage points of adjustment, providing more flexibility for the installer when mounting to the roof. The 10mm x 46mm rail attachment slot accepts 5/16" or 3/8" bolts. Use our 1/4" or 5/16" Solar Mounting Screws in the 9mm x 18mm mounting screw slots.

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